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ISG 1000: Entry-level shrink-fit technology

Induction shrinking ensures the highest precision machining and also guarantees maximum tool life. Users can now exploit these enormous advantages with the aid of a low-cost unit that is both compact and powerful: the ISG 1000. The entry-level mo-del by LMT alliance partner Bilz also offers easy and quick operation.

Shrinking technology has developed into a permanent feature of the automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing and die and mould making. There are very clear reasons for this: the shrinking process forms tool and chuck into a very stable unit, and optimal retention forces guarantee enormous precision during machining. “Concentricity of under three microns can only be achieved with this technology,” explains product manager Michael Schinke of LMT alliance partner Bilz, the world’s leading manufacturer of clamping systems for high-performance tools.

Gentle heating

However, a great deal depends on the technology used, which becomes immediately obvious if you take a closer look at the shrinking process. The bore diameter of the chuck is a little smaller than the tool shaft. An electromagnetic field is used to heat the chuck and expand the bore diameter before the tool is fitted. During cooling the holder shrinks clamping chuck and tool solidly together. You must ensure, however, that the tool is not overheated during the process, because that can damage the composition of the solid carbide and affect the tool’s performance. ThermoGrip technology prevents this with the aid of patented pole discs. The ISG 1000 also takes advantage of this innovation: similar to a pole shoe, the pole disc shields the magnetic flow within the coil, protecting the tool shaft so that it cannot expand during the heating phase and thereby hinder the clamping process.

Suitable for all tool spindles

The entry-level ISG 1000 makes ThermoGrip induction technology available to users who need this feature less frequently, but also attach importance to simple and quick operation. Since the unit only weighs 17 kilograms, it is portable and can easily be deployed where it is needed most. It is suitable for all conventional tool spindles with a maximum tool length of 290 millimetres from taper gauge line and accepts carbide tools with a diameter of 3 to 16 millimetres. Another important criteria for the entry-level model was ease-of-use. The operator has full control of the entire shrinking process with just one button.

Investment soon pays for itself

“Compared with hydraulic expansion chucks, the slightly higher investment cost for the ISG 1000 pays for itself after just 13 clampings. The longer cutting life of the tools directly pays off,” explains Schinke.