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ISG3400HL - The Heavyweight Champion

Increasing heavy machining, especially for titanium milling in the aerospace industry, also means new challenges for clamping tool manufacturers. High processing forces mean that the clamping tools also have to be able to transmit higher torques.

With the ThermoGrip® ISG3400-HL Bilz presents a world premiere, a high-end unit for process secure shrinking of thick-walled shrink holders.

Bilz goes beyond all previously possible dimensions with the new ISG3400-HL. The ISG3400-HL has been especially designed for heavy machining. Due to the shrinking and cooling position – easily accessible from 3 sides – the loading of the shrink unit can be easily done using a lifting mechanism. The coil tower tilts fully automatically by 90 degrees after each shrinking cycle. Thus shrink holders and tools with a total weight of up to 40 kg can be loaded. The shrinking and cooling position was designed for shrink holders up to
HSK-A160, SK60, BT60 or CAT60.

Total tool lengths of up to 710 mm can be achieved with the new coil tower.

In order to shrink in and out tool shanks of 3 mm up to 51 mm or 2“ perfectly, Bilz again focusses on their well established shrinking technology. Even thick-walled shrink holders for tool shanks of 51 mm or 2“ can be easily heated due to the reliable quick change mechanism of the coil. Therefore the operator can easily exchange the suitable coil within seconds.

The „Cool down“ principle of the WK series is also being used for the ISG3400-HL. „Cool down“ stands for total contact safety of the hot shrink holder.

This means that the operator does not have to move the shrink holder between the shrinking and cooling position on the biggest ISG unit either.

The difference can be found in the details of the ISG3400-HL. The cooling system itself comes out of the housing and sprays the shrink holder on all sides from the same position.

Due to the coil tower principle, the cooling system which is integrated in all ThermoGrip® „Cool down“ shrink units, active cooling down of the emulsion is no longer required. This means that the cooling system of the ISG3400-HL only needs electricity when it is being used.

At the same time the emulsion protects the tool from corrosion.

The spray cooling offers the user cooling in few seconds, independent of contours, and prevents damage to the cutting edge. The user benefits from the cooling system which is 10 times more efficient than a contact cooling system.

The ISG3400-HL is the ideal shrink unit for the aerospace industry, in order to make the heavy maching in higher performance categories possible.