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WFLK – quick change tapping chucks

They fulfill all the requirements for tapping tolerance compliant threads whilst operating rationally.

The quick change feature is suitable for various adaptors and is activated by means of the length compensation. When changing the adaptors, the length compensation is completely compressed. When using chuck size 3, and bigger uncoupling can also be carried out by pulling out the extension compensation.

The integrated length compensation on extension and compression compensates for differences between tap pitch and machine feed and prevents cuts on the thread flanks. The length compensation is situated in a ball cage sleeve and is therefore particularly easy-running, even when high torques are applied. It is positioned in the zero position and is equipped with a strong pressure spring and an adjustable hard-start for the extension area.

Bilz WFLK chucks can be applied horizontally or vertically and can be used for right or left-handed threads.

Tapping chucks WFLK have been replaced by the new WFLC chuck range and should therefore no longer be planned. We will continue to supply WFLK for replacement requirements.