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GNCN-GNCK – tapping attachement

BILZ tapping attachments are of modular design and can therefore meet the specific requirements of individual machines. They can be used on machining centres with automatic tool changers and on special purpose machines.

Because of the integrated maintenance free reversing gear, changes in direction of the machine spindle are unnecessary.

With the tension feature, as the ball clutch engages the reversing gear, precise thread depths with an accuracy of +/-0.15mm can be guaranteed at speeds of up to 4000 rpm. The GNCK tapping unit with coolant feed can handle coolant pressure of up to 50 bar (725 PSI).

Precision collets ensure that the tap is securely clamped, and additional square drivers can be utilised where high torque is being generated, for example, when thread forming.

The torque support locks the unit relative to the spindle, thus making automatic tool changingpossible. When tool changing takes place, the locking mechanism releases the torque support and allows the tool changing operation to be effected.

Because of the use of the reversing gears, high tapping speeds are possible resulting in significantly shorter cycle times compared to conventional tapping. Extended spindles on request.