Продукты месяца

PneuMet – pneumatic Metrology


  • accuracy better than 0,2 µm

  • compact design

  • contact-free

  • high Resolution

Measuring by air is very fast, high resolution and non-contact. Additionally the design is compact without moveable parts. Therefore mechanically related measurement errors as well as damage to the workpiece are nearly impossible. For this reason, measuring with pneumatic converters is the best measuring method in production if fast and error-free measurements in high precision are needed.

Precise measuring devices also require a similarly precise further processing of the output variables. For this purpose, high precise analogue converters are available.                

The converter may be used as a measuring device for one or more units. Multiple converters may be linked together and can be served by a single air supply system. The measuring elements can be plugged in either directly or by use of a connection hose.

Readout can be made by analogue or digital dial indicators. Alternatively inductive measuring probes can be used and connected to a corresponding readout unit which may be linked by serial interface to a computer for analyzing or memorizing of the data.

By using the right accessories, the converter can be configured for the use of already existing measuring devices (measuring arbors, measuring rings, etc., also from other suppliers).


By use of pneumatic metrology depending on the selected chosen measuring range accuracy of better than 0,2 µm can be reached. Attention has to be paid not only to the measuring device chosen but also to the circumstances like temperature and dirt as they also influence the measuring result and accuracy accordingly.

BILZ supplies air nozzle arbors and rings for the precise measuring of distances, diameters, cylinders and tapers. Internal or external geometries can be measured as well as through hole boring and blind hole boring or combined measuring tasks.


A spezial focus of the pneumatic metrology at BILZ is the production attendant measuring of precision tools with various interfaces for the machine spindle as well as for the cutting tools. Therefore pneumatic measuring devices for ISO or HSK interfaces are available as a standard as well as air nozzle gauges to measure the collet taper or the holding bores of Weldon holders, hydraulic expansion chucks or shrink fit chucks.